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April in Carla’s Garden, Part 2

New leaves and new flowers

close up of a Japanese maple with chartreuse foliage

We’re back today to see more spring blooms in Carla Zambelli Mudry’s garden in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

close up of a Japanese maple with chartreuse foliageDelicate new leaves on a Japanese maple

close up of a Japanese maple with dark red foliageThis Japanese maple has new foliage that emerges dark and fine like lace.

dark red Japanese maple with ferns growing behindIt’s impossible to have too many Japanese maples unfurling leaves in the spring garden.

close up of crabapple covered in flower budsBright buds of a crabapple (Malus sp.) are ready to pop open into flower.

close up of Virginia bluebellsVirginia bluebells (Mertensia virginica, Zones 3–8) are blooming, which is such a thrill because it has taken many tries to find a spot or two where they like it.

small chair and bench in the gardenA spot to sit and enjoy the spring

close up of serviceberry bloomsI am happy to report that the serviceberries (Amelanchier sp.) I planted are finally grown up enough that they bloomed for the first time. The flowers are small and white and lovely.

redbud tree covered in pink flowersAlso just starting to bloom are native redbuds (Cercis canadensis, Zones 5–9). The one that is already blooming is a volunteer, and there are others getting ready to bloom that were volunteers from a dear friend’s tree that she planted in memory of her daughter.

Buddha statue in the middle of lot of fernsMy last comment is that I have so many ferns already that I will be digging them out as I do every year to thin them and give them away to friends.


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  1. User avater
    treasuresmom 04/24/2024

    So very lovely!

  2. btucker9675 04/24/2024

    So pretty - especially the Virginia bluebells. Your friends are fortunate to be the recipients of your fern thinning!

  3. User avater
    simplesue 04/24/2024

    Beautiful! I love all of your ferns!

  4. barbmrgich 04/25/2024

    Good Morning, Carla, I love your posts. I have to tell you what happened yesterday thanks to your wonderful photography. I live in a large community with over 1000 homes, and I run our garden club for which I do a running daily garden blog type post. I am all about native plants and natural habitat, but I am still learning. My members think I know everything,. which I try to tell them I don't. Yesterday morning, I enjoyed your post with its beautiful pictures and was especially grateful to see the flowers of a Spicebush up close for the first time. An hour or so later, we had our meeting at our Community Center. Members were arriving all excited about the "beautiful tree that is literally buzzing with pollinators". They thought it was a pear because it was white. I got up and went out the door - a different one From where I had parked - and had no trouble locating "the tree". Thanks to your great photography, I immediately recognized it as a Spicebush. Now, thanks to you, they REALLY think I know everything!

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