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‘Amethyst’ witch hazel

As I look outside my office window, I can see a serene layer of snow has begun blanketing my garden.  So, it seems like an appropriate time to celebrate the often-overlooked beauty and joys of winter gardening. While the plummeting temperatures have forced much of our gardens into a state of rest, this season actually offers a unique and magical opportunity to connect with nature in a different way.

December and January are when I truly remember to appreciate the allure of my evergreen plants. The conifers in particular add a touch of elegance to the winter landscape. From droopy white pines to the prickly blue spruce, these resilient beauties remind me that garden life continues even in the colder months. The wrens have already created a slumber nest in the evergreen wreath I made from garden gleanings and hung on my front door—I love them setting up camp there, but I can’t say the same for the postal carriers who get dive-bombed every day.

Some plants even brave the cold and blossom in winter, bringing vibrant colors to a seemingly monochromatic landscape. Although it isn’t blooming yet, my prized purple witch hazel (Hamamelis vernalis ‘Amethyst’) is completely covered in buds and I cannot wait for the first blossom to break open.

It’s time to embrace the unique charm of frost-kissed landscapes and the delicate sparkle of frost on the plants. The crisp air creates an atmosphere that is truly magical.

As we delve into the winter gardening season, let’s take a moment to reflect on the joys and warmth that the holiday season brings. May your gardens and greenhouses be filled with the spirit of togetherness, growth, and the promise of a vibrant spring ahead.

Thank you for being a part of our Fine Gardening community. Your passion for all things horticulture-related enriches our collective experience, and we look forward to sharing more gardening inspiration in the coming year.

Happy gardening and happy holidays!

Danielle Sherry

Executive Editor

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  1. user-6824606 12/23/2023

    The best of the season to you and your fabulous team. Here is to a wonderful growing season in 2024.

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