Evergreen Perennials for Your Region

Fine Gardening – Issue 215

I don’t know about you, but nothing is more depressing to me than looking out my windows in February and seeing nothing but brown. I have some conifers and broadleaf evergreens throughout my beds and borders to keep things somewhat interesting. But a greater portion of my landscape is made up of deciduous plants, which means things look pretty bare in winter.

A few years back, however, I added some choice perennials that stay green year-round, and they made the last snowless winter much more attractive. Thanks to the lack of snow cover, the bergenias, epimediums, and gingers put on a glossy show for weeks on end, giving the surrounding beige backdrop a run for its money.

That’s why we asked an array of regional experts to share their favorite evergreen perennials. Here you’ll find plant recommendations for the snow-prone Midwest as well as for the largely snow- free Southwest.

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