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A little slice of Bali in California

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

Today’s photos take us to Michelle Derviss‘ back yard in her garden in Novato, California. I visited her a couple of years ago, and was captivated by this relaxing yet exciting space. I asked her to tell us about it, and she says, “In regards to my outdoor hang out, I tried to create a subtropical, moody space that would make myself and my friends feel carefree and comfortable. l love to travel to far off exotic tropical lands, but my pocketbook doesn’t often allow it, so I’ve created my own little tropical retreat that I can share with others for afternoon bbq’s and evening Pina Coladas. If you can’t afford to fly off to Bali then create Bali right in your own backyard.” Thanks, Michelle! Now I want a Pina Colada…  BTW, Michelle has an amazing blog–check it out!

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

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  1. sheilaschultz 06/01/2011

    A bit of tropical heaven... can I have a cute little umbrella with my Pina Colada please?

  2. petuniababi 06/01/2011

    This proves you don't always needs lots of blooms to make a dramatic display.This so soothing andcomforting and so cool looking,

  3. perenniallycrazy 06/02/2011

    Love your vignettes... and makes me in the mood for chicken and pork sates. Michelle, could you please tell us the plants that are in your wall hanging on the 2nd picture?

  4. Deziner 06/02/2011

    Thanks for having my small slice of paradise on the daily inspiration page.
    The plants hanging on the wall are a staghorn fern mixed with a variety of succulents, mostly echiverias and sedums.

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