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A garden that glows at night

Photo/Illustration: Stephanie Fagan
Photo/Illustration: Stephanie Fagan
Photo/Illustration: Stephanie Fagan

Barbara Paul Robinson’s “moon garden” in her garden in Washington, Connecticut, is designed to be viewed from an upstairs bedroom window at dawn and dusk. Instead of the white blooms normally used in moon gardens, Barbara uses yellow. Glowing flowers and golden conifers with bold shapes in strong, geometrically-shaped beds stand out in the dark, while a trickling fountain brings the sounds of the night in through the window.  **This garden was featured in the October 2007 issue of Fine Gardening***

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  1. SandiC 06/17/2010

    Absolutely beautiful! One of the most important things to consider in my opinion is consideration of the view from different windows of your home. There are just too many hours when we can't be out there!

  2. canase 06/17/2010

    Isn't this a view most of us would like to see first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Great job!

  3. megfrench 11/05/2010

    This is my kind of garden! I wish there was a plant list!

  4. Meelianthus 05/29/2015

    Beautiful views of a stunning garden !

  5. user-7007841 10/05/2015

    Hey Look! I can type sentences that end in exclamation points too! Just like every other moronic commenter!! LOL :-)

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