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A pool that belongs

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

Here’s an example of a pool that truly fits its surroundings. In this rural, natural setting, a bright turqoise patch of water with a wide, bright patio would have looked jarring and harsh. Instead, these homeowners looked to their surroundings for inspiration, installing a pool with a subdued interior color and mininal coping–just one layer of flat stones before it gives way to lawn. A series of short, low terraces leads down to the lawn by the house, and a magnolia tree hangs over the water, creating a little spot of leafy shade to rest under while swimming. This pool  was in the midst of a darned nice garden off a country lane in Roxbury, Connecticut.

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais


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  1. tractor1 08/05/2011

    An impractible pool... it must get filthy with grass right up to the edge and a tree hanging over is as big no-no, leaves and bird poop are not good... would have been much wiser to have a pool for koi.

  2. rstamper 08/05/2011

    It is a beautiful setting. The short terraces are elegant, but make it very difficult to mow the lawn.

  3. BethTW 08/05/2011

    i love the idea of this! and would love to have something similar... i wonder how it is kept clean? is it a fiberglass shell & do they cover it when they mow / overnight? just curious.

  4. Vespasia 08/05/2011

    I would agree with all the above comments. How are the tree roots going to impact on the pool long term assuming they weren't damaged during installation?

    Also that there seems to be a rough edge of stone where the grass doesn't quite meet it, a recipe for disaster especially if you have children using the pool.

  5. snollygaster 08/05/2011

    It still looks very unnatural to me esp. as compared to a swimming pond.

  6. wwross 08/05/2011

    Michelle -- I love the way we are getting more edgy and critical--yet respectful with our comments.

    I agree on the impracticality of the pool. But golly, it sure is pretty!. I love the two layer stone "walls."

  7. PeonyFan 08/05/2011

    This is a beautiful setting for a swimming pool. If people are willing to do the extra work of scooping leaves out of the water, why not have a nice looking tree overhanging the pool? What I really love are the three low stone terraces on the lawn! I also see, with approval, that the rest of the lawn doesn't look so great. That means the homeowners are probably not pouring herbicides or valuable water on their lawn on a regular basis. That's a good thing, in my opinion.

  8. KidsNPets 08/05/2011

    Really lovely spot. I can just imagine sitting on one of the chaise with a big floppy hat and cool drink. Then taking a refreshing dip. While it does look difficult to maintain, it is beautiful. On the one hand I really like the look of the single layer of stone around the top of the pool, ontn he other hand, I agree with several other posts, it must be difficult to keep clean. Not all pools have to be children's playgrounds. I like that this is more of an adult spot.

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