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    Wake Up Winter with Witch Hazels

    During the winter months in the Pacific Northwest, it is hard to know if it will be sunny and bright, raining cats and dogs, or a snowy winter wonderland when…

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    November in Carla’s Garden

    Carla Zambelli Mudry is welcoming us today to her garden in Malvern, Pennsylvania. November in my garden means fewer chores, and the garden is mostly put to bed. All of…

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    Witch Hazels for the Northeast

    In the Northeast, there is hardly a more valuable garden plant than one that blooms in the winter. Add that coveted trait to a plant that is relatively pest-free, has…

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    A Peaceful Retreat, 20 Years in the Making

    Today’s photos come from Dennis and Patty Taylor. We have been gardening in a quarter-acre lot in Zone 5 in Bourbonnais, Illinois, since 1999. We have been featured in the…

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    Beauty in the Winter Garden

    Today we’re looking at snow and ice in a new way with Carol Verhake of Berwyn, Pennsylvania. March has come in like a lion here in the Philadelphia area, with…

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    Favorite Plants for Fall

    Today’s photos come from Wendy Meyer. I'm a landscape architect who happens to like plants. I grew up in Virginia and Maryland but have lived in Germany, Georgia, Southern California,…

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    Treasures in the November Garden

    Today’s photos come from Carla Zambelli Mudry, who is celebrating the end of the year in her garden. (To see Carla’s garden in warmer times, click here.) The November garden…

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    Spring is in the Air!

    Finally, the air has the sweet promising scent of spring and the harbingers are popping out and blooming. What are the signs of spring in your garden? Here are some…