• Kitchen Gardening

    Watering Plants with Sunlight and Air

    A demonstration garden at the Denver Botanic Gardens uses a solar-powered atmospheric water harvesting system to irrigate a honey of a vegetable garden. The process uses solar energy to drive…

  • Design

    From Driveway to Getaway

    We call the small garden room at the back of our property “our folly” not only for its whimsical nature but also for the many twists and turns our design…

  • water-wise garden design

    A Water-Wise Garden That Wows

    In 2005 I killed my front lawn. It wasn't negligence or ignorance. It was premeditated, cold-spirited, calculated murder. It's not that I don't appreciate turf grass. It most certainly has…

  • Article

    Botanical Waters (Aguas Frescas): Celebrate the Season with Flavorful Healthy Beverages

    We are having hot weather, which means we should be hydrating a lot. I'm harvesting the mints and monardas and lemon balm and these herbs are wonderfully refreshing when infused…

  • Design


    Whether your garden space is large or small, a water feature can make it more inviting

  • Kitchen Gardening

    How Much Water Does My Vegetable Garden Need?

    For some if us this is going to be a banner year for water conservation (ahem, California). So how much water are your vegetables going to need?

  • Article

    5 Best Container Gardening Ideas from 2013

    As the year draws to a close, it's time to take a look back at lessons learned in the container vegetable garden. Here are the top five "Best Of" ideas…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Setting Up a Garden Drip-Irrigation System

    Here are some general thoughts and tips for setting up your first drip system.

  • Article

    Build a French Drain in Two Steps

    If your garden has a pesky wet spot, perhaps it’s time you consider installing a French drain. In a high-tech world, the French drain is refreshingly old-fashioned. Imagine a gravel-filled…

  • Article

    How to Build a Dry Streambed

    No one has to live with those ugly gullies that hard rains leave behind. When you’ve got a spot where runoff is ruthlessly washing away everything in its path, there’s…