Preview: A Water-Wise Garden That Wows

Ditch the lawn for a landscape that looks like it's watered every day

Fine Gardening - Issue 183

In 2005 I killed my front lawn. It wasn’t negligence or ignorance. It was premeditated, cold-spirited, calculated murder. It’s not that I don’t appreciate turf grass. It most certainly has its benefits, both visually and functionally. But there were too many downsides for me. It required considerable water during the heat of summer, which was both impractical and expensive here in Fort Collins, Colorado, where annual rainfall averages a meager 15 inches. My front lawn was also susceptible to fungal diseases, fairy ring in particular. It collected dead spots where passing dogs had mistakenly marked it as their territory. And it required loud and obnoxious weekly mowing, which upset the serenity of a neighborhood tucked peacefully against the Rocky Mountain foothills.

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  1. carolineyoungwilliams 08/07/2018

    Ditching the lawn was a great idea. Your yard is beautiful. If I was retired and had help, I would join you. :-) Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work.

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