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  • gravel and stone garden paths winding around small beds of tropical plants

    Jonny and April’s Tropical Waterfall Garden

    Our names are Jonny and April, and we are from Barnsley in the north of England. We recently moved into a brand-new property with a rectangle of grass for a…

  • pink amaryllis growing in front of a house

    Gardening in Northern India

    Today we’re headed all the way to India to visit Saroj Sawhney’s beautiful garden. Saroj lives in the village Shyamkhet, Uttrakhand, in the north of the country. The weather here…

  • how to keep tropical plants happy

    How to Keep Tropical Plants Happy

    Most tropical plants are pretty easygoing if they have their preferred levels of light and moisture. Following just a few key pointers will help you get the most out of…

  • large banana plant surrounded by potted plants in a courtyard

    A Courtyard Garden by the Sea

    Steve in the UK is sharing a very cool, very small garden space with us today. My wife, Emily, and I followed our dream of moving to the seaside from…

  • silvery blue Cuban wax palm

    GPOD on the Road: Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse

    Friend-of-the-GPOD Cherry Ong is taking us along today to tour a beautiful greenhouse. Serendipitous visits are fun! In a recent trip to Ontario, we saw a street banner that advertised…

  • close up of pink cannonball tree flower

    GPOD on the Road: Caribbean Gardens

    Hello, I’m Lisa Remby. I have shared photos of my Zone 6b Massachusetts garden on GPOD before  (A New Garden in Massachusetts). Recently, my husband and I visited two gardens…

  • various palm trees around a pool that overlooks a river

    How Tim Grows Palms in New York

    Today’s post is from Tim Covington, who likes gardening with a tropical flare—even though he gardens in chilly upstate New York. My obsession with palm trees and tropicals came from…

  • vintage post box surrounded by large, bright pink flowers

    GPOD on the Road: Sydney, Australia

    Hello, this is Cindy Strickland. I wanted to share a few scenes from an October 2017 trip I took to the area around Sydney, Australia. I enjoyed walking in and…

  • Maranta leuconera in a hanging planter with ornaments

    Collecting Plants in Southern California

    Today we’re visiting with Nez, a plant lover who is building her own backyard botanical garden in Los Angeles. I think of this Monstera pinnatipartita as my “soul plant.” My…

  • close up of light pink and yellow plumaria flowers

    Flowers From Puerto Rico

    It has been a while since we visited the beautiful Puerto Rican garden of Antigonum Cajan (Filling a Small Garden With Diversity). Today we are looking at some more images…