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    Angela’s Garden Transformation

    Last week Angela O’Brien-Ruff shared some favorite photos of her Seattle garden from last year. Today she’s back, sharing a transformation of her garden space over nine years. I am…

  • Design

    Transforming a Rundown House and Garden

    Today’s photos come from Janice Martinez in Southern Oregon, who has been working on transforming the space for the past six and a half years. This photo is small, but…

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    Turning a Pool Into a Garden

    Today’s photos are of Suzie Hoyt’s garden in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Over the past 10 years she has been transforming her yard into a beautiful garden. She and her family have…

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    Turn a Barren Lot Into a Garden Bursting With Life

    Sarah shares the beautiful transformation in her central Minnesota garden: We’ve lived at our home for almost 10 years now. It was a barren, lifeless lot with not a critter…

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    Turning a Stump Into a Garden

    Mischael McKenna of New Hartford, New York, sent in these photos of an amazing transformation they made in their garden, turning trash into pretty incredible treasure. I just love this…

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    Before and After Down Under

    Brian Mazzer sent in these images of his garden today and what it looked like when he first bought it. I bought my house in the suburb of Holland Park…

  • garden transformation

    Garden Transformations: Before and After

    There is something about a ‘before’ shot that makes the ‘after’ shot even more rewarding!