• pink flowers growing with various foliage plants

    Anna’s Wisconsin Garden

    Anna Tsai in Bayside, Wisconsin, is welcoming us into her garden today. The backyard was only some overgrown bushes and hostas when we moved in 24 years ago. I opened…

  • Design

    Angela’s Garden Transformation

    Last week Angela O’Brien-Ruff shared some favorite photos of her Seattle garden from last year. Today she’s back, sharing a transformation of her garden space over nine years. I am…

  • Design

    Transforming a Rundown House and Garden

    Today’s photos come from Janice Martinez in Southern Oregon, who has been working on transforming the space for the past six and a half years. This photo is small, but…

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    Turning a Pool Into a Garden

    Today’s photos are of Suzie Hoyt’s garden in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Over the past 10 years she has been transforming her yard into a beautiful garden. She and her family have…

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    Turn a Barren Lot Into a Garden Bursting With Life

    Sarah shares the beautiful transformation in her central Minnesota garden: We’ve lived at our home for almost 10 years now. It was a barren, lifeless lot with not a critter…

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    Turning a Stump Into a Garden

    Mischael McKenna of New Hartford, New York, sent in these photos of an amazing transformation they made in their garden, turning trash into pretty incredible treasure. I just love this…

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    Before and After Down Under

    Brian Mazzer sent in these images of his garden today and what it looked like when he first bought it. I bought my house in the suburb of Holland Park…

  • garden transformation

    Garden Transformations: Before and After

    There is something about a ‘before’ shot that makes the ‘after’ shot even more rewarding!