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    Safely Remove Poison Ivy

    If you work outside, then you definitely have come into contact with one of the gardener's worst nemesis: poison ivy. While not everyone is allergic to poison ivy, most people…

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    Keep Herbicide Off the Plants You Love

    No matter where you garden, or how good a gardener you are, you will always have to contend with weeds. While hand pulling may be the best, most environmentally safe…

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    Quickly Clean an Evergreen Grass

    Planting an evergreen grass in your garden beds is a wonderful way to keep green out in the yard the whole year through. However, while they are evergreen, many grasses…

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    Easy, Organic Apples Are in the Bag

    Fresh apples in autumn are a real treat, especially if they're organic. However, with so many pests and diseases that can negatively affect your apple trees, it can be hard…

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    Easy, Perfect Carrot Rows

    Handling carrot seeds (or any small seeds for that matter) can be tricky. Planting the tiny seeds and growing them yourself can prove to be harder than expected. If you…

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    Patch a Lawn With No Weeds

    Anyone with a lawn knows that at some point, it will need maintenance, including patching or reseeding. Generally, wheat straw is used on the patch to offer some protection to…

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    Protecting Peonies

    Peonies are one of the most beloved of flowering plants, but their already ephemeral blooms are unfortunately fragile in addition. A heat wave or a big storm can easily shorten…

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    Buy the Best Roses

    Roses are some of the most delicate and beautiful blooms any gardener can have in their special space. However, there are so many different varieties, that choosing what to buy…

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    Trick Plants with Different Needs into Sharing a Pot

    This video is brought to you by Osmocote.

  • Never Forget a Plant's Name Again

    Never Forget a Plant’s Name Again

    As a gardener, you may find yourself forgetting what plants you put into your containers. It’s even more frustrating when you want to replant them but can’t remember what they…