Never Forget a Plant’s Name Again

It might seem obvious, but this trick helps you remember what exactly you planted

Gary Junken, Antonio Reis, Jillian Leibman, edited by Cari Delahanty

As a gardener, you may find yourself forgetting what plants you put into your containers. It’s even more frustrating when you want to replant them but can’t remember what they are. This is a common problem, but there’s a simple tip to solve it. 

Hide the plant tags as a reference

In this video, former Fine Gardening editor Steve Aitken explains that when you are putting plants in a container, don’t throw out the plant tags. Yes, plastic plant tags can be unsightly, but they can be snuck into your potted plants fairly easily. It’s a very simple way to have a reference to your plant selections in the weeks and months to come. Just stack the plant tags together and place them in the back of the container just below soil level so they’re hidden from view. It’s as simple as that. 

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