Protecting Peonies

Learn how to keep your peonies blooming longer

Gary Junken, Produced by Antonio Reis

Peonies are one of the most beloved of flowering plants, but their already ephemeral blooms are unfortunately fragile in addition. A heat wave or a big storm can easily shorten their life to the disappointment of the adoring gardener. In this video, you’ll learn an easy trick for protecting tree peonies, which tend to like dappled shade. Read more about caring for tree peonies.


Unlike herbaceous peonies, which bloom best in full sun, tree peonies prefer partial shade, with three to four hours of sunlight. The plants grow faster in sun, but the flowers burn and vanish in a day or two. On occasion, when we do plant tree peonies in full sun to spur plant growth, we shade the blooms with a parasol or cloth awning, which rewards us with blooms that last a week to 10 days.


How to Protect Peonies

Follow the below instructions to learn how to protect your peonies.


Materials needed:





  1. Find a parasol that will be large and tall enough to cover your peony. We like the ones offered at Cricket Hill Nursery.
  2. Taking into account the path of the sun, place your parasol so that it will shield your peony from the worst of the sun’s rays.


More info:

Learn more about caring for peonies in the articles below.

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