textured plants

  • container with spiky plants

    The Best Spiky Container Plants

    The formula for creating wonderful containers doesn’t need to be difficult. First, find complementary plants you like that fit your growing conditions. Next, think of each plant's growing habit and…

  • Design

    Bold-Textured Beauties for Sun and Shade

    In horticulture, plants are often described as having fine, medium, or bold (coarse) texture. Bold-textured plants have large leaves and sometimes large blossoms to match, although “bold-textured” really refers to…

  • Design

    A Tapestry of Textures

    Contrast is the key to making great combinations of foliage, flower, and seed heads

  • Sea hollies

    Fuzzy, Prickly and Tickly to Touch

    Richly textured plants invite you to stop and feel the foliage