summer to fall

  • Autumn Containers

    10 Tips for Transitioning to Autumn Garden Containers

    Right around the time that days shorten and the nights get cooler, it becomes clear that our containers may be getting a little tired after working so hard during the…

  • Oriental burnet

    Burnets Are Tough and Beautiful Plants

    I have no recollection of burnets—native or cultivated—before my back-to-back encounters with great burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis) in the South Korean countryside and on the grassy steppes of Siberia. The sight…

  • Collection

    Design Inspiration for the Summer-to-Fall Transition

    Late summer can be one of the trickiest times to garden. Often our plants aren’t looking their best, due to prolonged heat and humidity. August brings drought stress, fungal diseases,…

  • Article

    Revisiting the End of Summer

    Today we’re visiting the garden of Lillian O’Rourke from Waterloo, Ontario. She’s taking us back in time a little to enjoy her garden as it transitioned from summer into fall:…