summer color

  • close up of bright orange daylily

    Anticipating the Colors of Summer

    Today’s photos are from Lee. The winter was a mellow one here in the Mohawk Valley in central New York State. Spring has been fairly warm, but I can't wait…

  • Design

    Episode 141: Summer Color

    Around here, we’re not fans of the F-word. No, not that F-word. We’re talking about FALL. In our minds, that cooler weather is still a long way off, so we’ve…

  • grassy path through garden beds in full bloom

    Kathy’s Iowa Garden, Part 2

    Today we're back in Sheldon, Iowa, visiting the beautiful garden Kathy Schreurs has created with her husband around their 130-year-old house. When we reworked a side yard this past year,…

  • bright yellow flowers with pool in the background

    Back to the Mohawk Valley

    Today we’re in Ilion, New York, visiting with Lee. We’ve been to Lee’s garden before (Lee's Backyard Escape), and it is great to be back to see more of it.…

  • Design

    Summer in Lil’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Lil Holloway in Bedford, Massachusetts, looking back at warmer and more flowery times in the garden. When I look out the window at this time of…

  • Design

    A Splash of Color in the Heat of SoCal Summer

    In the heat of August, while a lot of plants are past their seasonal prime, there are some that are just getting their groove on. This is one of the…

  • Design

    Plant Lover’s Garden in Indiana

    We’re visiting Lilli Hazard’s garden in Fishers, Indiana, today. I love gardening and caught the disease that gave me my green thumb from my mother when I was about 10…

  • Design

    A Cool Start to Summer North of Seattle

    Today we’re visiting Lila Johnson’s garden. Greetings from my garden in Mill Creek, Washington, about 20 miles north of Seattle. Our June and July have been wetter and chillier than…

  • Designing for Peak Summer Bloom

    Designing for Peak Summer Bloom

    While most people tend to divide the gardening year into four seasons, I like to divide it into three time periods: planning, working, and enjoying. Winter is for planning. It’s…

  • Design

    Quiet Garden Moments

    My name is Kelli Lage, and I garden and farm alongside my husband, Ryan, in Iowa. I began gardening five years ago when I met Ryan. He knows the ins…