Spiky Plants

  • self-protecting plants

    An Appreciation for Plants That Protect Themselves | Letter from the Editor

    Plants with leaves as sharp as razor blades. Plants that smell like rotten meat. Plants that will cause severe gastrointestinal problems if ingested. These all sound like great garden additions,…

  • Episode 121: Wicked Plants 

    Episode 121: Wicked Plants

    They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky. They're all together ooky. Nope, it’s not the Addams family; it’s the array of wicked plants on today’s episode. It’s Halloween season,…

  • container with spiky plants

    The Best Spiky Container Plants

    The formula for creating wonderful containers doesn’t need to be difficult. First, find complementary plants you like that fit your growing conditions. Next, think of each plant's growing habit and…

  • autumn containers with spiky plants

    Spice Up Autumn Containers With Spiky Silhouettes—Planting Plans

    Include spiky silhouettes in containers to lend a celebratory feel to your front stoop. Plants such as cordyline, featured in two of the containers below, can easily be paired with…

  • Masterwort

    Plants That Keep On Giving

    One of the first rules that novice gardeners are ordered to abide by is the necessity of using—and, hence, buying—a minimum of three of the same plant. For aesthetics’ sake,…

  • Design

    The Best Flowers for Your Cutting Garden

    If you only grow a handful of vaseworthy flowers, these are the ones you need

  • Design

    Designing With Spiky Plants

    Alone or in groups, they make any space look sharp

  • Design

    Plants You Can Walk On

    Mulching the 3 acres of display and trial gardens at my perennial nursery was becoming expensive and time-consuming, so I decided to explore ground covers that would eventually eliminate the…