• close up of Wasp snowdrops

    Margot’s Snowdrops

    Margot Navarre is sharing her earliest blooms with us today. She gardens in Bellevue, Washington, and we’ve visited her garden before; check out Summer in Margot's Garden if you want…

  • close up of classic Galanthus flowers

    Galanthus: A Flower Carpet for the Early Spring Garden

    Today we’re in Margot Navarre’s garden in Washington State, where snowdrops are doing their annual late winter–early spring display. These classic bulbs bloom earlier than just about anything else. Moreover,…

  • close up of a clump of double snowdrops

    A Tradition of Snowdrops

    Today’s photos are from Jane Donelon. Back in 2008 my son, Jim, brought my daughter, Jean, and me some snowdrops (Galanthus species and hybrids, Zones 3–8) from his New Jersey…

  • snowdrops sprouting

    Snowdrops Chase Away the Winter Doldrums

    Amid the sloshing, squishing, and squelching of spring in the Northwest, green tips and small white flowers start pushing through the soil. Some are up and flowering freely in January,…

  • Article

    Alan’s Garden in Wales

    Today we’re off to Wales to visit Alan Challoner’s garden. I have a semi-woodland garden in Anglesey, and it is almost always giving me flowers no matter the time of…

  • Design

    Celebrating Snowdrops

    Margot Navarre has shared her garden with us before. Last time she featured the towering flowering stems of Cardiocrinum gigantium. Today she’s focused on a group of much much smaller…

  • ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’

    Snowdrop Varieties Worth Obsessing Over

    Passions are born in strange ways, and serendipity often plays a part. In December 1983, my husband and I purchased our home, not knowing that a treasure trove of snowdrops…

  • Article

    Spring is in the Air!

    Finally, the air has the sweet promising scent of spring and the harbingers are popping out and blooming. What are the signs of spring in your garden? Here are some…