• pink and purple flowers around terra cotta pots

    Volunteers in Catherine’s Garden

    We’re visiting Catherine’s Dickerson’s garden today in San Diego. We’ve visited before (A Little Slice of Heaven in San Diego), and it is always a pleasure to see what is…

  • Design

    Episode 64: Plants for Massing

    Impact is created in many different ways in the garden. Sometimes you get impact from a single plant that has an interesting form or stunning color. Other times you get…

  • Design

    Spectacular Self-Sowing Annuals

    Annual flowering plants grow vigorously and bloom profusely during their growing season. They fill in the gaps between your perennials, adding color, texture, and lush beauty. They may also provide…

  • cottage garden that isnt chaotic

    A Cottage Garden That’s Not Chaotic

    Typical cottage gardens—the ones we see in English gardening books and magazines—are undeniably beautiful. But often, when gardeners in the States attempt to replicate their charming and iconic look, the…

  • Design

    Great Self-Seeding Annuals

    The spontaneous charm of self-seeding annuals has a place in every garden. A seed packet, purchased once and direct sown, multiplies over the years as seeds falling to the ground…

  • Article

    Looking Back Over the Growing Season

    Marla Morgan shared this look-back at the last growing season in her garden. We garden in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We fell in love with this town lot about 15 years…

  • Design

    Reinventing a Cottage Garden

    Joy Davey dreamt of having a cottage garden. She could picture the dense, flower-filled beds surrounding her Craftsman-style house. The breezy informality of the cottage look resonated with her lifestyle…

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    Five Traditional Elements of a Cottage Garden

    If you want your cottage garden to be truly traditional, you might be surprised to know that up until the 19th century, many cottage gardens boasted little more than potatoes.…

  • Masterwort

    Plants That Keep On Giving

    One of the first rules that novice gardeners are ordered to abide by is the necessity of using—and, hence, buying—a minimum of three of the same plant. For aesthetics’ sake,…

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    20 Garden-Worthy Self-Sowers

    One gardener's favorite selections for the Northeast