• Get gobs of fruit from only 84 square feet. This small space can produce a bigger harvest than plots twice its size thanks to some tried-and-true techniques.

    Getting Big Vegetable Production From a Small Space

    I have lived—and gardened—in three countries: England, Barbados, and the United States. In the United States, I found myself settled on the eastern tip of New York’s Long Island, a…

  • seed starting glossary

    Seed-Starting Glossary

    What does that mean? Lots of terms, classifications, and techniques are tossed around in casual conversation about seed starting. Some you may already know, but others may puzzle you. Here…

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    These Vegetable Seeds Need Saving

    Slow Food’s annual Plant a Seed campaign is your chance to make a difference in the wonderful world of vegetable growing. When you plant this year’s seed kit, you’ll help…

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    Seeds and Winter Gardening Thoughts

    I've been thinking a lot about seeds lately due to the fact that I have a pile of seed catalogs sitting here awaiting perusal. I also recently finished reading "From…

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    Plant Some Fun this Weekend

    Why not use this Thanksgiving holiday to plant a gardening seed? You can help sprout young gardeners with these easy indoor gardening projects.

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    If you haven’t ordered your garden seeds for 2018, now is the time. As I sit by the woodstove looking out on another grey, cold day, the precipitation is coming…

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    Garden Seeds, Fruits and Flowers to Watch for Now

    Many garden plants are already setting seed, which come in infinite shapes, sizes and textures. Want to know when to harvest? What to leave and for how long? What to…

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    Vegetable Seeds for Easter Baskets

    Let the Easter bunny plant the seeds of gardening by adding a few vegetable seed packets to the basket this year.

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    What Vegetable Gardeners Need to Know About GMO Seeds

    Here's what vegetable gardeners need to know about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) before going seed shopping this season.

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    Gardeners Dig Country Living

    Fans of the country lifestyle flock together every year to celebrate a simpler way of life. The fair in Rhinebeck, N.Y., in early June offered vegetable gardeners something old, something…