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  • seating area containers

    Container Designs for Seating Areas

    All gardeners should find time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor—although that's usually easier said than done among the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Make…

  • plants for seating area pots

    Low-Care Plants for Seating-Area Pots

    If there is one hot plant group I couldn’t live without, it would be succulents. Their luxurious textures, shapes, and colors offer incomparable bold structure. I often create succulent gardens…

  • Beautiful edibles intermingle with useful ornamentals and a yellow ladder trellis

    How to Spruce Up Your Veggie Garden

    Edible gardens are, too often, purely utilitarian spaces relegated to the outer reaches of an overall garden design. But they can be so much more with just a few design…

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    Seating Areas Made Simple

    Your ideal outdoor living space is only three steps away