• mixed planting of various azaleas

    Guide to Growing Great Azaleas

    One group of plants you can use to create a blooming bridge between spring and summer are azaleas (Rhododendron spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9). As one of the most popular…

  • Cutting overgrown shrubs

    How to Prune Commonly Overgrown Shrubs

    For many of us, this scenario may sound familiar: You move into a new house and everything is perfect—except that huge rhodie out front that is threatening to swallow the…

  • Article

    Carla’s Garden in Winter

    Today we’re visiting with regular GPOD contributor Carla Z. Mudry in Malvern, Pennsylvania. The garden in winter is magical all on its own. It doesn’t have the lushness of a…

  • Article

    Surprises and Lessons From Barbara’s Garden

    Today’s photos are from Barbara Owen in Wellesley, Massachusetts. I’ve been enjoying the submissions from many gardeners showing their “best in show” or “summer highlights.” As I reviewed my photos…

  • Article

    Fall in Nicki’s Garden

    Today we’re in Lake Bluff, Illinois (north of Chicago), visiting Nicki Snoblin’s garden. I am often attracted to pristine garden beds filled with colorful and unblemished flowers and foliage. This…

  • Article

    Elle’s Garden

    Elle Ronis in Stamford, Connecticut, has a stunning garden that we’re always excited to see. If you’ve missed previous visits to this garden, start here! Today’s photos look back at…

  • Lems Cameo rhododendron

    Growing Rhododendrons in Northern California

    Rhododendrons (Rhododendron spp. and cvs., Zones 4–9) are colorful, ornamental woody plants that are most at home in damp climates with mild temperatures. The Rhododendron genus is a large one,…

  • Design

    Looking Back at Midspring Blooms

    Today we're in Carla Zambelli's garden, looking back at what was blooming for her this spring. Spring is really beautiful this year! I feel like Mother Nature is rewarding gardeners…

  • Collection

    Awesome, Underused Rhododendrons

    I knew rhododendrons at an early age. These woody evergreens were great havens in a game of hide-and-seek—if you could find a way to navigate the tangled hell of branches…

  • Design

    Rhododendrons for Fantastic Foliage

    I think my favorite rhododendrons are those that make statements with their foliage. Most plants have a window of flowering time within a growing season, and as spectacular as that…