Raised-bed gardening

  • How-To

    How to Create a Pest-Proof Vegetable Garden

    When my husband, Andy, and I moved to our new home in rural Washington, we knew we wanted a large vegetable garden. However, with our new idyllic location came to…

  • Square foot gardening raised beds

    Is Square Foot Gardening a Good System?

    I am not here to bash square foot gardening (SFG). Any system that has been encouraging people to grow their own food for the past 40 years should be applauded.…

  • Article

    Basics of Square Foot Gardening

    While in general, our experts do not recommend square foot gardening, there are some redeeming qualities to this method. Learn the basics of square foot gardening as well as some…

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    4 Simple Upgrades That Make a Big Difference in the Garden

    Have you always wondered what makes a garden truly stunning? Sometimes the solution is simple: Spread some mulch, pull some weeds, or add some interesting plants. But other times, these…

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    Finding Space for Veggies in a Small Yard

    Lately, there seems to be a lot of farmer envy in the gardening world. The recent locavore (eat locally grown food) trend, food-contamination scares, and the high price of produce…