raised bed

  • Design

    Angela’s Garden Transformation

    Last week Angela O’Brien-Ruff shared some favorite photos of her Seattle garden from last year. Today she’s back, sharing a transformation of her garden space over nine years. I am…

  • garden with lots of pink plants

    Patsy’s Tiered Garden

    We're visiting Patsy Lahue's Colorado garden today. This garden is built in several levels with these beautiful brick retaining walls. I love how this allows all the plants to shine,…

  • How-To

    Building a Raised Bed, Part I

    This video goes over the advantages raised beds offer, as well as what you will need to build one.

  • How-To

    Hoop House–Style Raised Bed Frost Protection

    This small “hoop house" style structure can support whatever frost covering material you need, and can be mounted to the bed in a couple of ways.

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Raised Bed Installation & Building Tips

    Putting in a raised bed garden? Here are some “builders tips” to make the project easier.

  • How-To

    DIY Raised Bed (Removable) Pest Gate

    This do-it-yourself pest gate is removable and can help keep out unwanted guests.

  • raised bed for kids

    DIY Starter Raised Bed for Kids

    Got a young gardener in the family? Here's a starter raised bed just for them!

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Building a Raised Bed, Part II

    In this second video, the raised bed is put together from the pieces we prepared in the first video.

  • Kitchen Gardening

    DIY Raised Bed Seat

    This “bed seat” will offer you more comfortable access to your raised beds, or simply let you enjoy what you’re growing.

  • Article

    Grow Lettuce All Summer Long

    Expand your lettuce growing options by creating an inexpensive shade to keep your leafy greens cool during the hottest days of summer.