purple flowers

  • shady garden patio surrounded by pink and purple plants

    A Purple Plant Palette in Asheville, NC

    Happy Friday, GPODers! It's safe to say that every gardener has a particular penchant for color. Whether it's a riot of color combinations (flowers and foliage in every hue and…

  • purple roscoea

    Purple Roscoea Will Bring a Touch of the Exotic to Your Garden

    We love plants—nearly all of them, truth be told—but it is without the slightest bit of hyperbole when we say that Roscoea is one of our favorite genera. Part of…

  • plant with purple flowers

    Plants With Purple Flowers for the Southwest

    Texas sage is one of the most distinctive native shrubs in the Southwest, blooming periodically throughout the year but dazzling in summer and fall. Purple is for everyone, and especially…

  • ‘Walker’s Low’ catmint has periwinkle-colored flowers that absolutely cover the plant in spring. Photo: Andy Pulte

    Perennials With Purple Flowers for the Southeast

    Purple is my number-one flower color. If I’m asked to design a perennial-focused garden, there is very little chance purple doesn’t make an appearance. When I saw the Pantone color…

  • Purple salvia with other flowers

    Salvias That Won’t Let You Down

    I’m lucky to live in Chicago—maybe not in February when we’re buried in snow, but in spring, it’s a different story. One of my favorite spots in the city is…

  • ‘Caroline’ clustered campanula

    The Best Varieties of Campanula

    Contemplating the myriad of campanulas makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. The diversity of floral shapes, blossom colors, and plant habits is both astound­ing and enticing.…