• How-To

    How to Water a Pot

    There are several basic things that every gardener should know: how to pinch a plant, how to water a pot, how to keep dirt out of your fingernails, etc. In…

  • Add herbs to your container designs

    Add Herbs to Your Container Designs

    Containers offer a simple solution for anyone who likes to have delicious, fresh herbs close at hand. You could pot up parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme in a single container…

  • Choosing the Right Soilless Mix

    Choosing the Right Soilless Potting Mix

    A good growing medium will ensure that your plants get a healthy balance of water and air

  • containers for entryways

    Front-door Container Ideas That Dazzle

    For most people, adorning the front of their house means having a foundation planting of mixed evergreens and perhaps a few perennials and flowering shrubs. It’s a winning formula: low…

  • growing veggies in containers

    Tips for Growing Veggies in Containers

    If you have limited space and time but still want to try your hand at growing vegetables, think containers. No yard is necessary; a patio, deck, windowbox, or even a…