Plants for winter

  • Episode 126: Winter Stunners

    Episode 126: Winter Stunners

    The winter blues have certainly set in around here. But thankfully we have a few plants outside that seem to have saved their best for last. Today Carol and Danielle…

  • winter floral arrangement

    Festive Greenery—Bringing the Outside In

    As the winter creeps up and frost is evident in the world around us, many of us consider ways to stay connected with and enjoy the beauty of nature indoors.…

  • Blondo miscanthus

    Grasses for Winter Structure in the Midwest

    There is a wide variety of beautiful perennial grasses that are great for the Midwest landscape. They provide color, form, texture, and movement through their foliage and flowers. They can…

  • Pink Dawn Bodnant viburnum

    Six Winter-Blooming Shrubs for the Northeast

    People often stretch the definition of “winter-blooming” to include spring-flowering shrubs such as forsythia (Forsythia spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9) rather than using it to describe plants that realistically bloom…

  • Strawflowers

    Annuals With Winter Interest for the Northern Plains

    Even though early fall frosts and freezes have caused your garden to enter a state of slumber, you can still enjoy color and texture from certain annuals or tender, nonhardy…

  • Design

    Seasonal Decorating Using Southern Flora

    Much of the fresh greenery sold for decorating at this time of year in the South is shipped in from colder climates. Firs (Abies spp. and cvs., Zones 3–8) and…