• How to Handle Common Houseplant Pests

    How to Handle Common Houseplant Pests

    Outdoors, pest populations are kept in check by rain and diseases and by birds, beneficial insects, and other predators; indoors, however, plant pests can proliferate very quickly with nothing to…

  • native plants for sunny border

    10 Great Natives for a Sunny Border

    The South Garden at Mt. Cuba Center in Hockessen, Delaware, has been nicknamed the “pizza oven” by those who tend it. It sits in full sun, and its antique brick…

  • Textured Plants that Steal the Show

    Textured Plants That Steal the Show

    While color and form were important factors in choosing the plants, a mix of bold and fine textures makes the backbone of the ­design. Here are some of the most…

  • Be on the Lookout for Root-knot Nematodes

    Be on the Lookout for Root-Knot Nematodes

    If you’re the type of person who likes to learn about plant pests in your free time, odds are you have already heard or read about a group of organisms…

  • How to Identify and Treat Sudden Oak Death

    How to Identify and Treat Sudden Oak Death

    While folks on the West Coast probably hear quite a bit about sudden oak death, it is an important plant disease that everyone should have on their radar. Sudden oak…

  • How-To

    How to Water a Pot

    There are several basic things that every gardener should know: how to pinch a plant, how to water a pot, how to keep dirt out of your fingernails, etc. In…

  • Deadheading Begonia in Hanging basket with Helichrysum

    Out-of-the-Ordinary Containers for Shade

    Do you feel like once you’ve seen one shady container design, you’ve really seen them all? I often feel that way, and I have no excuse for monotony since I…

  • favorite container plants podcast graphic

    Episode 86: Favorite Container Plants

    Spring has long ago sprung, and now that all the pruning, dividing, and mulching is done, we’re ready to plant up our containers. Like many of you, we are tempted…

  • containers with bold contrast

    Containers With Serious Contrast Always Stand Out

    How often do you return home from an expensive assault on the local nursery to find that, ultimately, your container design is disappointing for reasons you cannot quite explain? Creating…

  • container planting with funky foliage

    Tips for Creating One-of-a-Kind Container Designs

    Container gardening isn’t just for those with patio homes or balconies. Containers make the perfect addition to any garden, courtyard, or pool area. Gone are the days with terra-cotta pots…