• Design

    A Garden With History

    Today’s photos come from Heather Gallagher, who lives in Devon, Pennsylvania (outside of Philadelphia) on a beautiful 6-1/2-acre plot that she bought a year and a half ago. Heather says…

  • Design

    A Sculptor’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting the garden of Syd Carpenter in Philadelphia. My 20-year-old garden surrounds the house on three sides with semi-shady garden rooms. Plantings focus on leaf colors, shapes, and…

  • How-To

    How to Build a Brick Path

    When I moved from New England to Maryland, I was struck by all the brickwork. There are brick houses, brick sidewalks, and brick paths that lead to the brick barns.…

  • Design

    Design an Engaging Entryway

    A front yard garden should be welcoming and interesting, but most of all, it should reflect who you are

  • Design

    Creating Garden Passageways

    Thoughtfully designed transitional spaces help set the tone of a garden

  • Build a Stone-Edged Gravel Path

    Build a Stone-Edged Gravel Path

    A gravel path bordered by a cobblestone curb is works well with many garden styles and is relatively easy to build and maintain.