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    Lindsey’s Garden in the Mountains

    We're visiting Lindsey Cline's garden today. My husband and I bought a log cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia about eight years ago. The property was a field…

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    Making Perfect Vignettes in the Garden

    Today’s photos come from Russell Camp. For his day job, he manages about 2,400 acres of school campus landscapes and sports turf for a large K-12 district near Atlanta. If…

  • spring container with bulbs

    A Bright Idea for Spring Containers

    After the long gray of winter when most of us are desperate for color in the landscape, bulbs in containers can add a splash of brilliance anywhere it is needed.…

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    10 Chores That Can’t Wait at the Start of Gardening Season

    Winter is waning, and you can’t wait to get outside. But before you get caught up in buying new plants and moving things around, take some time to do some…

  • spring container with pansies

    Take a Fresh Approach to Pansies

    Pansies and poinsettias have a lot in common. Most people (gardeners included) view them as disposable plants—enjoyed for a few short weeks and then tossed aside. Although everyone is excited…

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    Create a Four-Season Front Entry

    Create a garden that looks good all of the time. An exciting entry should be more than just a collection of seasonal stars; it must also have plants that establish…