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    Late Summer in Zone 3

    Marion Taylor sent us photos earlier in the summer of her Zone 3 garden in Manitoba, Canada, and today we're featuring what’s looking good in late summer. She says, “We…

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    The Many Colors of Spring

    My name is Carolyn E. Massey, and I reside in a neighborhood called Green Hill Farms on the western edge of Philadelphia. I love, love, love plants, trees, and flowers,…

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    See Pansies With New Eyes

    Today we’re visiting the garden of Terry Smyth and enjoying the unique point of view she brings to looking at her flowers. I just found your site and wanted to…

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    These happy little faces are harbingers of spring and this year the National Gardening Bureau has announced that 2017 is the Year of the Pansy.

  • spring container with pansies

    Take a Fresh Approach to Pansies

    Pansies and poinsettias have a lot in common. Most people (gardeners included) view them as disposable plants—enjoyed for a few short weeks and then tossed aside. Although everyone is excited…