• silvery blue Cuban wax palm

    GPOD on the Road: Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse

    Friend-of-the-GPOD Cherry Ong is taking us along today to tour a beautiful greenhouse. Serendipitous visits are fun! In a recent trip to Ontario, we saw a street banner that advertised…

  • various palm trees around a pool that overlooks a river

    How Tim Grows Palms in New York

    Today’s post is from Tim Covington, who likes gardening with a tropical flare—even though he gardens in chilly upstate New York. My obsession with palm trees and tropicals came from…

  • Article

    GPOD on the Road: South Florida With Colleen

    Today we’re on the road with Colleen. We’ve visited her home garden before, but today she’s taking us along on a tropical vacation. I escaped my usual New York winter…

  • Bismarck palm

    Focal-Point Palms for Southern California

    We are fortunate in Southern California to be able to feature a variety of striking palms in our gardens. Often used as solitary specimens, these grasslike plants are worth investigating…

  • Design

    Tropical Escape in Virginia

    Today we’re visiting Bill Hewitt’s unusual garden in southeastern Virginia, which he has turned into a tropical escape very different from the norm in his area. And it is one…

  • Article

    Making a Jungle in the North

    Michael Passarello shared his garden in North Stamford, Connecticut, with us last week, and he happily sent in some more photos for us to enjoy today. Michael is a garden…

  • Article

    A Jungle in New England

    Today’s photos come from Michael Passarello’s garden in North Stamford, Connecticut. I am a gardener that has one of the most unusual gardens in Connecticut. I began it almost 20…