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    Edible Flower Ideas for Warmer Climates

    It’s always a delight to wander about the garden, seeing what’s growing and flowering from day to day. Add to that the fun of nibbling our way through edible flowers…

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    Foundation-Friendly Plants

    Designing the plantings immediately surrounding your home is a tricky task for many gardeners. These plants are frequently viewed up close and personal by visitors and the UPS guy, so…

  • Beautiful edibles intermingle with useful ornamentals and a yellow ladder trellis

    How to Spruce Up Your Veggie Garden

    Edible gardens are, too often, purely utilitarian spaces relegated to the outer reaches of an overall garden design. But they can be so much more with just a few design…

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    Get Long-Lasting Good Looks with Less Work

    I have a large garden on a horse ranch in Petaluma, California, and when I arrived here 16 years ago, the landscape consisted of acres of reclaimed pasture festooned with…

  • updated cottage garden

    Revamping the Cottage Style

    Joy Davey dreamed of having a cottage garden. She could picture the dense, flower-filled beds surrounding her Craftsman-style house. The breezy informality of the cottage look resonated with her lifestyle…

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    Vegetables That Are Pretty

    In the quest to find something new and different for your garden each spring, it’s easy to zoom right past the offerings of veggie seeds and transplants on your way…

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    Put Your Plants First

    On an increasingly overbuilt planet where daily experience with the natural world is limited, at best, gardens can serve as places to reconnect with nature. The norm today is, sadly,…