• naturalized garden

    Tips for Evolving a Naturalized Garden Quickly

    Adam Woodruff’s garden is undeniably beautiful, but it didn’t get that way by chance. What might take others decades to achieve, Adam accomplished in only a few years. A lot…

  • natural lawn

    Naturalizing an Urban Garden

    Today we’re visiting Karyn Koski's garden in Toronto. I would really like to share my garden adventure. I'm a Canadian environmental leader in Toronto who embarked on a mission to…

  • How-To

    Naturalizing Spring-Blooming Bulbs

    Here's how to make bulbs look as if Mother Nature planted them herself

  • Plant Guide

    ‘Annie Hall’ thyme

    Thymus serphyllum 'Annie Hall'

    'Annie Hall' forms a prostrate mat with small, narrow leaves and is covered with pale purple-pink flowers in late spring.

  • Plant Guide

    Sweet autumn clematis

    Clematis terniflora

    This deciduous, late-flowering twining vine with deep green leaves and profuse, fragrant white flowers is easy to grow and will thrive and bloom in shade.

  • Plant Guide

    Lenten rose

    Helleborus orientalis

    This hairless or slightly hairy perennial has over-wintering, leathery, deep green basal leaves each divided into 7 or 9 leaflets.

  • Plant Guide

    Canary Island sage

    Salvia canariensis

    This short-lived, tender perennial shrub native to the Canary Islands off the African coast sends up 6-foot white-furred stems cloaked with long, felted, arrow-shaped leaves and topped, summer to frost,…

  • Plant Guide

    Polemonium reptans

    Polemonium reptans

    This North American native bears light blue bell-shaped blossoms in spring to early summer.

  • Plant Guide

    Meadow saffron

    Colchicum autumnale

    Meadow saffron is a cormous perennial with erect, lance-shaped leaves 5 to 14 inches long.

  • Plant Guide

    Money plant

    Lunaria annua

    Showy sprays of pretty purple or white flowers in spring are followed by papery, flat seedpods that look like silver dollars.