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    Tufted hair grass

    Deschampsia cespitosa 'Northern Lights'

    A tuft of thin grassy foliage with gray and gold variegation distinguishes this cultivar.

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    Satin flower

    Sisyrinchium striatum

    In early summer, these grass-like perennials produce multiple spikes of small, pale yellow blooms with dark yellow centers and faint purple stripes.

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    Swamp rose

    Rosa palustris var. scandens

    This graceful and arching variety of our native swamp rose has single rosy-pink blossoms with a mild scent.

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    Chameleon plant

    Houttuynia cordata ‘Chameleon’

    Chameleon plant lives up to its name, with red-and-yellow-variegated heart-shaped green leaves.

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    Devil’s walking stick

    Aralia spinosa

    The textural quality of this eastern native's stems and foliage is superb.

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    Flame nasturtium

    Tropaeolum speciosum

    This tender perennial climber has edible, hand-shaped leaves and crimson red flowers in summer and fall which are uniquely textured.

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    Autumn moor grass

    Sesleria autumnalis

    This cool-season grass begins the season with bright green blades.

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    Lily-of-the-valley bush

    Pieris japonica

    This neat, rounded shrub has given rise to many noteworthy cultivars.

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    ’Merrill’ Loebner magnolia

    Magnolia  × loebneri ’Merrill’

    This vigorous, erect tree grows from 20 to 30 feet tall and has star-shaped flowers with 15 broad white petals blushed with pink.

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    ‘Mint Chocolate’ Foam flower

    Tiarella 'Mint Chocolate'

    This clump-forming variety has unusually long, maple-shaped leaves with a chocolate-colored overlay.