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  • easy-to-grow wildflowers for the Southwest

    Easy-to-Grow Native Wildflowers for the Southwest

    Brilliant wildflower displays are legendary in much of the Southwest, but they don’t occur every year. In fact, a widespread display only happens about once every ten years or so.…

  • close up of light pink flowers with yellow centers

    Unusual Beauties From Wiley

    Today’s photos are from Wiley Bennett in Charlotte, North Carolina. Shooting star (Dodecatheon meadia, Zones 4–8) is a beautiful and not too commonly grown native wildflower. Tiarella cordifolia (Zones 4–9)…

  • pink grass widow flowers

    Grass Widow Is a Charming Late-Winter Native Plant

    One of our favorite Washington State native wildflowers, grass widow is a doughty, deer-resistant spring ephemeral that shares the same dauntless spirit of its namesake, David Douglas, the intrepid Scottish…

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    Native Wildflowers for the Southwest

    If you’re lucky enough to live in the Southwest in early spring, not only will you enjoy amazing weather, but you’ll see that wildflowers are popping up everywhere—yards, traffic medians,…

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    Mother Nature’s Garden

    Carolyn sent in today’s photos. I currently live in central Ohio, but I often take a trip down memory lane back to the late 1990s when my husband, Vince, and…

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    Defining the New American Cottage Garden

    Several years ago, a husband-and-wife team of travel writers from England was touring Colorado and stopped by to see my garden. After walking in the garden and comparing our gardening…

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    Iowa Plant Collector, Part 2

    Today we’re featuring more photos from Gary Whittenbaugh. He grows a lot of treasures, but today we’re going to feature photos of some of the beautiful rare plants and native…

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    Learn to Grow Bold, Beautiful Baptisia

    Long-lived, low-maintenance wild indigos make a big splash in perennial borders