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  • How-To

    Which Pruner Is Right for You?

    Of all the tools on the garden-center shelf, there is nothing more variable in style and appearance than pruners. It’s worth your time to consider different styles and brands to…

  • Design

    Garden Art That’s Right Up Your Alley

    Gardeners have been using bowling balls as garden decorations for many years, especially since they started being produced in numerous jelly-bean colors and swirling patterns. To my taste, however, they…

  • Design

    Finding Space for Veggies in a Small Yard

    Lately, there seems to be a lot of farmer envy in the gardening world. The recent locavore (eat locally grown food) trend, food-contamination scares, and the high price of produce…

  • pot fountain

    Build a One-of-a-Kind Water Feature

    Nothing is more relaxing than the music of moving water in the garden. But finding a water feature to complement your style can be tough. So why not make a…