heat-loving plants

  • Blonde Ambition blue grama grass

    Heat-Tolerant Grasses for the Southwest

    Living in the desert can be a blessing and a burden when it comes to growing grasses. We all know that lawn grasses, or turf, don’t belong in the desert.…

  • Design

    Episode 70: Plants That Made It Through Summer’s Worst

    Here in the Northeast, we experienced one of the hottest summers on record. In Connecticut (where we make this wonderful podcast), we broke a 38-year record for most consecutive days…

  • Design

    Designing a Hellstrip Garden, Part 2

    After reviewing the current state of my hellstrip, I’m happy with the progress that all the plants are making and with how many are thriving, self-seeding, and filling in the…

  • Colorful arrangement of sweet peppers

    Easy-to-Grow Sweet Peppers

    Growing sweet peppers at home is easy, fun, and rewarding. Besides the ever-popular bell peppers that ripen from green to red, there are bells of different sizes and colors and…