Hardscaping Projects

  • An outdoor seating area

    Lockdown Garden Makeover

    Today we’re seeing the garden makeover Lynne did during the COVID lockdown. Up until this last year the most gardening I had ever done was mowing the grass and pulling…

  • expert garden design tips

    10 Expert Tips for Designing Your Garden

    In an ideal world, everyone would be able to hire a designer to help with big garden decisions. But in reality, most of us end up doing our own design…

  • senses in garden design

    Expert Design Advice: Let Your Senses Guide Your Garden’s Design

    When you first start to think about changing part of your landscape, slow down, look, and listen. Pay attention to how the existing conditions make you feel. Is the space…

  • danielle sherry

    We All Make Design Mistakes | Letter from the Editor

    The worst birthday present I ever got was several tons of gravel dumped into my garden. It was from an accidental landslide caused by a design mistake—and it was entirely…

  • creating a gravel patio

    Hardscaping Projects in Early Spring

    I am always confused when a gardener says, “There’s nothing to do,” during late winter or early spring in the garden. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we get the chance…

  • garden structures

    Arbors, Pergolas, Sheds, and Gazebos

    An arbor, pergola, shed, or gazebo can serve as a focal point in a garden. If you're seeking design inspiration for a garden building project this season, take a look…