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    Garden Design Ideas: Color and Form

    Normally, the best way to add balance to a design with a lot of small leaves and fine texture is to add big, bold, textured leaves. But Deborah Ellman’s garden…

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    Garden Design Basics: Use Two Colors Plus Green

    In a world full of glorious color, why limit oneself to just two when designing containers? Because limitations can be . . . liberating. Color is so seductive that it…

  • Hot yellow and orange sneezeweed and red-hot poker paired with the cool pastels of asters

    End the Season with Style

    It happens every year. When summer’s heat and humidity ease up and I can think about getting back into the garden, I realize that I haven’t done enough to take…

  • lush greens with a flowering purple wisteria and a bench in the background

    A Second Look

    Not all of the best photos make it into an issue of Fine Gardening. A photo might not illustrate a certain point the article is making, or it might be…

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    A Fresh Approach to Winter Containers

    Designing containers in winter can be a challenge. With fewer plants available in many parts of the country, even the best container designers often resort to arrangements of cut greens…

  • Spineless Hedgehog™ aloe, Retro Succulents® Carmine™ aloe, Tree aeonium, mistletoe cactus, Cochineal nopal cactus, QIS Orange gomphrena, feather grass and Acapulco Orange hyssop in a brown container

    Pick a Color, Any Color

    Last spring, we challenged our readers to design a container that featured a single color. Whether you have a passion for purple, a yen for yellow, or an obsession for…

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    From Boring to Beautiful

    We’ve all been there—standing amid tired plantings and lackluster hardscaping, longing for a professional designer to come along and transform our landscape into a garden worthy of . . .…

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    Has Your Zone Changed?

    Ever since the first USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Plant Hardiness Zone Map was created in 1965, this useful resource has been the first place gardeners go to figure out…

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    Create a Four-Season Front Entry

    Create a garden that looks good all of the time. An exciting entry should be more than just a collection of seasonal stars; it must also have plants that establish…

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    Exciting Plant Combinations Every Gardener Should Try

    All gardeners have that day when they look at their garden and want something new to get their blood pumping again. It doesn’t matter that your neighbors still “ooh” and…