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  • Drumstick primroses

    Growing Primroses from Seed in the Northeast

    The benefits of raising one’s own primroses (Primula spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9) from seed are many. The cost savings alone should be obvious, not to mention that most of…

  • Video

    Seed-Starting Tips and Techniques (Class)

    Starting plants from seed opens a world of possibilities to gardeners of all skill levels. Many vegetables, annual flowers, and even perennial plants can be started from seed using a…

  • How-To

    Seedling Aftercare

    Once your seeds have germinated, how do you give your young plants the best possible start? Read the Science of Seed Starting. Keep a careful watch. We can help seeds…

  • How-To

    The Science of Seed Starting

    Seeds are little miracles that transform the world. In the wild, these tiny amalgamations of DNA can be stored away for years, waiting for the right conditions to turn a…

  • Article

    Celebrate Autumn in the Garden

    Today’s photos come from Barbara Owen. I have been working in my eastern Massachusetts garden for over 50 years. The garden has evolved dramatically from the big trees and one…

  • Article

    Making a Garden From Scratch

    Brenda’s garden is up today. As you’ll see, she’s created quite the garden from virtually nothing! We started with an old hayfield full of weeds that was subdivided into 5-acre…

  • Article

    Easy, Perfect Carrot Rows

    Handling carrot seeds (or any small seeds for that matter) can be tricky. Planting the tiny seeds and growing them yourself can prove to be harder than expected. If you…

  • Collecting seeds

    Collecting and Storing Seeds

    When I was new to ­gardening, I depended upon the kindness of friends and strangers to help fill my beds. Unfortunately, I was too green to realize what treasures I…

  • Transplant seedlings into the garden on a drizzly, gray day to protect them from the desiccating effect of the sun. If the weather won’t cooperate, plant in late afternoon.

    Jump-Start Your Seeds

    Use these tricks to speed germination, then plant up some pots

  • Kitchen Gardening

    How to Harden Off Seedlings

    Give your baby plants a great head start by acclimating them to the great outdoors before transplanting them in their permanent garden bed.