Gardening Myths

Gardening is an age old practice, and like anything that’s been practices for thousands of years; there’s a good amount of mystery surrounding it if you don’t know where to look. The below articles feature some common gardening myths that are still pervasive in society today. Learn what is a good rule and what’s just here-say, read below.

  • social media garden myths

    Social Media Gardening Tips and Tricks to Avoid

    If your feed is anything like mine, you get a constant stream of newsy horticultural information every time you look at your phone. Many of these articles, memes, and posts…

  • How-To

    Shelving Common Canning Myths

    Eating seasonally is a way of life for many people, especially gardeners, but it can be a challenge because a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables are not available year-round.…

  • big leaf hydrangea with pink, purple, and blue flowers

    Hydrangea Myths Dispelled

    Here are some common myths surrounding hydrangeas as well as the truths that will shine some light on what to do if you’re faced with these circumstances. See our picks…

  • Illustration of house plant

    Houseplant Myths

    Admit it: you are dying to adopt something green and growing into your home. But you hesitate. Although you might be a whiz in the garden, somehow translating those skills…

  • How-To

    3 Myths About Soil

    Being mostly hidden from view makes soil mysterious, and over the years, a fair share of soil myths have been generated. These falsehoods have overstayed their welcome because, first, they’re…

  • Design

    3 Myths About Clematis

    Gardeners are a helpful bunch, always eager to pass along useful tips. Though we can learn a great deal this way, we shouldn’t be surprised that some bad information keeps…

  • Design

    7 Beekeeping Myths

    Beekeeping is a fascinating and rewarding hobby, which benefits both the beekeeper and the local environment. Honeybees help pollinate garden plants as well as plants that provide food for wildlife.…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Top Composting Myths Debunked

    Composting is the original earth (and garden) friendly practice, yet false information can be hard to kill. Let's put the top misconceptions to rest once and for all, shall we?

  • Design

    6 Seed-Starting Myths

    Growing plants from seed is one of the few practices that people of all gardening abilities do annually. But whether you are a newbie or someone who has been starting…