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    Elin’s Downtown Wilderness

    We’re off to East Tennessee today to visit with Elin Johnson. There is a gate in the fence in the backyard of my condo in downtown Farragut, Tennessee. Walk through…

  • close up of moth that looks like a hummingbird on a pink bee balm flower

    Visitors in Maxine’s Garden

    We’re in Rotterdam, New York, visiting with Maxine Brisport today. My daily walk through the garden has become a ritual. I absolutely enjoy gazing at the colors and softly inhaling…

  • Island alum root

    Native Plants for Southern California Pollinators

    Winter is a great time to add new plants to your garden, and what better to add than California natives? California natives have evolved with our local weather conditions, soil,…

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    Van’s Garden

    Today’s photos come from Linda Kennedy, who is taking us all on a visit to her talented gardening friend in Dallas. Van Johnson has become the gardening guru here in…

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    Regina’s Wildlife-Friendly Garden in Connecticut

    My name is Regina Melo, and I am a Brazilian American who has been living in Connecticut for the last 25 years. I started gardening about 16 years ago when…

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    Gardening for Wildlife in Seattle

    Today's photos come from Debby Davenport. Growing up in St. Louis, I was inspired by my mom’s green thumb and her beautiful perennial beds. I developed a passion for growing…

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    Northeast: Gardening Is for the Birds

    It’s impossible to imagine life without birds. Yet even habitat for black-capped chickadees is rapidly disappearing. According to Doug Tallamy, author of Bringing Nature Home, “Conservation ecologists … believe that…

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    Take a Walk on the Wild Side

    I came to gardening through strictly utilitarian desires: the desire to eat and the desire to nest. My first garden was an urban pea patch, which produced a surprisingly abundant…

  • Various native perennial seeds and leaves

    Native Perennials to Start from Seed

    Growing native perennials from seed is easier than you might imagine. If you choose species that are adapted to your climate and growing conditions, it’s likely that you can start…

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    Garden Design Lessons from Nature, In a Concrete Box

    Imagine designing gardens that come to life almost overnight, then just as quickly disappear. Months of planning, locating beautiful plants and tons of soil and rock, followed by a mad…