garden structures

  • snowy garden with moon gate

    Snow in Carol’s Garden

    Carol Verhake gardens in Berwyn, Pennsylvania (Zone 7a), and after two years without getting any snow, she got a beautiful snowfall this winter. Here are some shots she took of…

  • Trellises work well against walls and fencing

    How to Choose a Structure for Vining Plants

    Are you looking to add interesting height to your garden, camouflage a view, or bring life to a barren zone? Check out these structural strategies, all of which come in…

  • long garden path with bridge that cuts through garden beds and small pond

    Garden of the Kings

    My name is Joanne Guerriero, and this is the garden created by my dad, Donald King, age 88. It's located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a 6B zone. Nineteen years ago…

  • garden paths and patio illuminated at night

    The Garden at Night

    Today we’re in Raleigh, North Carolina, visiting with John Matthews. I am an avid gardener, and while my gardens show very well during the day, I really like the fact…

  • Bold Plants With Stunning Structure

    5 Bold Plants With Stunning Structure

    An interesting, structural layout like the one in this garden deserves interesting, structural plants. The following selections, which grow in prominent areas of the zigzag bed, provide bold accents through…

  • DIY garden structures

    Three Garden Structures You Can Build

    Lashed poles, hoops,l and sticks give vining beans and tomatoes handsome support. These structures, from the gardens of historic Old Salem, a Moravian village in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, are a…

  • Design

    Turn Old Wood Into Useful Garden Structures

    As another muddy Midwestern March begins, we’re often rounding the bend on our winter pruning tasks and looking for more creative garden projects. We also may be surrounded by piles…

  • building a garden arbor

    Build a Sturdy Arbor

    A weekend’s work and a few pieces of lumber yield a handsome home for vines

  • garden structures

    Arbors, Pergolas, Sheds, and Gazebos

    An arbor, pergola, shed, or gazebo can serve as a focal point in a garden. If you're seeking design inspiration for a garden building project this season, take a look…

  • lashing a garden trellis

    Learn Lashing and Make Your Own Garden Trellises

    A genuine lashing is more efficient, more fun to tie, and usually stronger than making it up as you go along.