How to Thin Peaches

For big and tasty peaches, be sure to thin

Antonio Reis and Sue Roman

Editor Steve Aitken heads up to Bishop’s Orchard in Guilford, Connecticut to learn how to thin peaches from orchard owner Jonathan Bishop.

How to Thin Peaches

Learn how to thin peaches with this step-by-step guide.

Materials Needed and Process

Thinning means to remove a lot of the fruit before it is ripe when growing peaches. This is done to ensure that the peaches that remain on the tree can fully grow, because peach trees often produce more fruit than they can fully grow to maturity.

The goal is to have a peach growing on the tree about every 6-8 inches.

1. Select a starting point on the tree

2. Simply pick peaches off of the tree, ensuring that you leave about 6-8 inches between peaches that are left on the tree to grow.

3. In terms of timing, you should get your peach tree thinned before the middle of July. You can start thinning as soon as the peaches are big enough to be easily seen on the trees. At Bishop’s Orchard, they usually wait until peaches are about the size of a thumb before they start the thinning process.

4. Leaving 6-8 inches between peaches gives the tree the optimal crop load for growth.

5. Wait a few more weeks, and enjoy your delicious peaches!


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