fragrant plants

  • compact viburnum

    ‘Spring Lace’ Viburnum Is a Compact Workhorse Shrub

    In 2017 Bailey Nurseries sent me four ‘Spring Lace’ viburnums to trial. When in flower in spring, they have become one of my most asked-about plants. An interspecific cross developed…

  • growing lilacs

    Lilacs: How to Grow Them and Favorite Varieties

    Lilacs (Syringa spp. and cvs., Zones 3–8) are so commonplace in many parts of North America that it may surprise you to learn that they are not native to this…

  • spring flowers for fragrance

    Plants with Early Spring Flower Fragrance for the Midwest

    In the Midwest, any bit of early spring color is welcome as we transition from the long winter months. Throw some early spring-flower fragrance into the mix, and that is…

  • Fragrant Annuals

    Add These Fragrant Annual Flowers to Your Garden in the Midwest

    Enjoying fragrance in the garden is an experience most gardeners appreciate and strive for. Our woody plants, such as lilac (Syringa spp. and cvs., Zones 3–8) and Koreanspice viburnum (Viburnum…

  • best peonies

    The Best Yellow, White, and Pink Peonies

    Peonies are among people’s favorite late spring plants for a reason. Their textured, lobed foliage and large size make them stand out even without flowers. But when in bloom, there’s…

  • fragrant vines

    Hardy, Fragrant Vines for the Northern Plains

    When you need a tall plant but don’t have a lot of room, a vine is the perfect solution. And when vines have fragrant flowers, they check off yet another…

  • reblooming perennials

    Reliably Reblooming Perennial Plants

    There are many things to consider when selecting a herbaceous perennial plant for the garden. Some slots are for sentimental plantings, like a piece of Grandma’s peony from the family…

  • Design

    Episode 85: Fragrant Plants

    Alternate titles for this episode: (1) Plants That Stink or (2) Smell This Episode. Kidding aside, lovely smelling plants are a bonus that every garden deserves. We all spend so…

  • Cupani’s Original sweet pea

    Growing Sweet Peas in the South

    Growing up, Jason spent a lot of his summers in England with his grandparents. One of his favorite things to do there was to visit flower shows. There would be…

  • Paperbush

    Shrubs for Winter Fragrance in the South

    The color of a blossom might be the first thing to catch our eye in the landscape, but adding sweet aroma to that bloom elevates the plant to all-star status.…