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    The Transplanted Gardener

    Welcome to Elizabeth Kring’s garden in Plano, Texas. After spending my entire gardening life in California, where virtually anything will grow, we were transplanted to Texas, where gardening is a…

  • Design

    A Garden Transformed

    Today’s photos come from Yvonne L. DeMarino. Like a mole, I dig when I can, and I wanted to share some photos of my progress from my St. Paul, Minnesota,…

  • Design

    Designing a Garden Around an Antique Shed

    Today’s photos come from Sharon Weiser of St. Joseph, Missouri. Mine is a country garden at heart. In Zone 5, my garden is a mix of sun and shade, trees,…

  • Article

    Garden Inspiration From British Columbia, Part 1

    Today’s photos come from our good friend Cherry Ong: I had the good fortune to revisit the Gardens at the Government House in Victoria, British Columbia, recently and thought I…

  • Design

    A Garden of Peace

    Yonette Thomas sent in these pictures of her garden in Glenn Dale, Maryland. Yonette’s photos show the great impact that restraint can have in the garden. All too often, plant…

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    Whether your garden space is large or small, a water feature can make it more inviting

  • How-To

    How to Build a Pot Fountain

    Nothing is more relaxing than the sound of moving water in the garden. Here's how to build a one-of-a-kind pot fountain water feature in a weekend. This water feature consists…