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    Two Approaches to Foundation Plantings

    Almost every house has a foundation planting, something that should help the large, man-made structure somehow blend with the natural landscape it was dropped into. More often than not, the…

  • Design

    A Fresh Approach to Foundation Plantings

    Given the practical advantages of foundation plantings, it’s not surprising that most houses feature them. What is surprising is the uniformity expressed in this realm of the garden: a ubiquitous…

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    Episode 26: Broadleaf Evergreens

      The bones of any successful garden are its woody plants. And the key to any successful four-season garden is evergreens. Conifers are great, but they can be pricey and…

  • Design

    Foundation-Friendly Plants

    Designing the plantings immediately surrounding your home is a tricky task for many gardeners. These plants are frequently viewed up close and personal by visitors and the UPS guy, so…

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    All About Growing Viburnums

    Showy, often-fragrant flowers are followed by colorful berries and fall foliage