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  • Bold Plants With Stunning Structure

    5 Bold Plants With Stunning Structure

    An interesting, structural layout like the one in this garden deserves interesting, structural plants. The following selections, which grow in prominent areas of the zigzag bed, provide bold accents through…

  • gardening regions

    What Gardening Region Am I In?

    Let’s talk about regions and zones On, there are two ways to get a sense of what plants can survive where: zones and regions. The below map showcases how…

  • oregano herbs

    15 Great Herbs to Start From Seed

    No garden is complete without herbs. Not only are they attractive plants, but they also taste phenomenal. Herbs can be either annual (like dill or cilantro), or perennial (like sage…

  • tomatoes and seeds

    How to Grow Tasty Tomatoes From Seed

    A long-standing myth among tomato lovers is that home-grown tomatoes taste the best. But it’s the variety of the tomatoes that actually influences the taste, not whether they’re grown on…

  • seed starting glossary

    Seed-Starting Glossary

    What does that mean? Lots of terms, classifications, and techniques are tossed around in casual conversation about seed starting. Some you may already know, but others may puzzle you. Here…

  • add paper to bin

    Build Your Own Indoor Worm Farm

    In keeping with Murphy’s Law, it seemed that whenever it was time to take the kitchen scraps out to my backyard compost pile, it was raining or snowing or was…

  • garden math

    Garden Math: Calculating the Area and Depth of Your Garden

    From fertilizer to mulch and paving stones to plants, too much of a good thing can mean, at best, unused material stored in the garage and, at worst, dead plants.…

  • garden glossary

    Garden Glossary: Gardening Terms Beginners Should Know

    Here are some common gardening terms you may run across as you explore garden centers and plan your garden. Understanding what each term means will help you to pick the…

  • garden illustrations

    Behind the Scenes at Fine Gardening

    Here at Fine Gardening, the staff wear many hats. Our editors are photographers, script writers, test garden managers, and audiovisual engineers. Associate editor Carol Collins has one additional title as well:…

  • Design

    Reliable Performers for the Southern Plains

    We all want the newest, jazziest plants available, but a garden is not complete without a backbone of infallible plants that provide interest whether your new investments flourish or fail.…